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Looking for Church Services

In this time of uncertainty, you cling to faith. Hence, you want to attend to some church services. The Mt. Lassen Community Church has something good to offer. If you want to attend the Church in the Park during Sundays, you are surely most welcomed. You have the leeway to attend the actual church service in Chester Park. However, if you want to stay home and witness the service online, you can also access to their given link. You can attend either online or on-site at 9:30 AM. Anyone in the family who is sick momentarily can avail the online program. You only need to visit their Facebook Page or check the Vimeo TV Live streams.

When you visit their official page on Facebook, you will notice that they provide directions to the church. There are some people who are new to the group. Those people would love to attend the church service in the actual. However, they do not know where to go. The homepage of the church will give you directions. You may also find some livestream options. What you only need to do is to click any of those buttons. Since they care so much about their constituents and would be churchmates, they also provide COVID-19 safety procedures at the website.

If you will visit the church, you need to apply hand sanitizers at the entrances. You may also avail the masks at the entrance. If your kids will join classes, they need to wear masks. Your kids are allowed to join Church in the Park. However, you need to know if there will be changes in the regulations. If you have some family members who want to join the church services in the actual but prone to diseases, just advise them to stay home.

Aside from Church in the Park, you can also find videos online about their preaching. Hence, if you want to learn more about the Gospel and Word of God, you can surely witness the preachers sharing their contents online. They also have church service music. With the availability of social media platforms, it is never difficult for anyone faithful not to attend church services. Aside from religious activities, the website also provides information about how to cope with stress. In fact, they do not only touch your spiritual side. They will also help to improve your mental well-being.

You better avail the free e-book at the site. If you want to learn so much about God, then you check details online. You will appreciate that they provide contents about the reliability of the Bible. You will even be curious about Heaven if it is real. You can read the contents from the e-book made by their preachers. If you want to develop a good relationship with God, you can also access Free Peace with God. You will be given information on the four steps of attaining peace and forming good relationship with God. Besides, you can also access free e-bible and free daily reflection.


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